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The purpose of this website is to help the average pet buyer make an informed decision about the companion they bring into their family.  These pages are not intended to be care sheets, but is intended to make people aware of  what is involved in taking care of an animal before you buy or adopt your future pet. This guide will help to show you the personality, behavior and level of care needed for such animals as:

Cats: Abyssinians to York ChocolateLost Temple Image
Dogs: Affenpinchers to Tibetan Mastiff
Birds:  Finches to Parrots
Rabbits:  American Fuzzy Lop to New Zealand
Small Animals:  Guinea pigs, Mice, Chinchilla, Rats
Lizards:  Gecko to Iguana
Snakes:  Boas and Pythons to Milk and Corn
Amphibians:  Frogs to Salamanders
Turtles:  Box to Mud
Arthropods:  Tarantulas to Scorpions
Others:  Pot Belly Pigs to Pigmy Goats


The information on this site is a combination of personal knowledge, breeder's websites, free domain websites such as
Wikipedia, general books, magazines, and associations, such as The International Cat Association, American Kennel Club, and the ASPCA.  As this information is mostly from research, I take no responsibility in any incorrect information.  This website is only meant as a guide. After finding a possible match, I urge you to find other sources for more information on the animal you are thinking of buying or adopting. 

Most of the pictures on this site have come from public domain sites, such as Wikipedia.  I am looking for people to submit photos and any additional information or additional breeds for this website.  In return I will put your name or your companies name under the picture.  Please see the CONTACT page for more information.

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